We will be in the pavilion Shk Saeed Hall 1
    Stand S1-C53
  • POS FESR 2014-2020
    Regional call for
    automation in the
    mechanical machining sector
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    In our business we are
    professional, competent and
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    We process orders on time
    in agreement with our customers
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    We have production departments
    dedicated to different processes
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    Each product is tested,
    perfectly finished and polished.
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    Our production is managed
    by technical staff
    capable and skilled.

    We operate more than 60 years, always in step with technological innovation.
    We know the materials and their application.


    We are a certified company. We guarantee quality and functional fitness of our products.
    We complete orders on time.


    Our brand is present in major overseas markets. We offer excellent products at competitive prices.


    Production departments and metalworking machines of latest technology. High degree of automation and process control.

Rubinetterie del friuli s.r.l.

Born in 1952, Rubinetterie del Firuli Srl has a long and consolidated experience in taps and fittings for large systems appliances, offering a wide range of products for the professional catering market.

OUR PRODUCTS Our range of taps primarily intended scope of the catering.

Taps for sinks

Monoblock and two holes mixers, knee and foot operated taps.

Shover units

Flexible in plastic or stainless steel, blinds, oven showers.


Rotating spouts and filler spouts for sinks, with adjustable outlet and fixed.

Drain taps for large systems

Fixed or rotating connector, conical seal or o-ring, for fryers.

Pressure safety valves

Opening devices by weight and spring, valves.

Drain and overflow pipes

Drain plates, overflow pipes, syphones.

Hinges for lids

For braziers and fryers, light and heavy weight hinges, various sizes.

Stop and level cocks

Angular and straight, male or female connector.

Accessories and components

Adjustable spouts, outlets, aerators, water breakers, gaskets, hoses.